North Korean leader Kim accused Donald Trump of declaring war.  It’s true that Trump has made several bullying statements and treated Kim disrespectfully, which would never have happened under any other president, regardless of party affiliation.  It seems that our Cheeto-in-Chief has no concept of the consequences of his actions.  After all, he and his family will be safe regardless.  It’s someone else’s child who will bleed and die on the battlefields.

My grandson is a Marine, so I take this personally.


First Post

This is my first blog post and while some people may be experienced in this area, I’m not.  I was lying in bed snuggled next to the dog with my daughter’s kitten trying nurse on my shoulder – she thinks I’m tasty, but she’s not very bright – and reading the last pages of a book I borrowed on Kindle Unlimited.

Surprise!  The author had a WordPress blog.  Hmmm.  This got me thinking.  I tried a Facebook page, but it was a bust because although people would send private messages and click “like”, no one was commenting.  Solution?  A blog.

If you’re like me, your nerves are frazzled lately wondering about the future of our nation and world.

Wow!  Did I just skip from cuddly kittens to that?  Yeah, that’s how my mind works and yes, it scares me too.

Anyway, I’m like most people who have normalcy bias.  I want to decorate the house, plan next year’s garden, and think about new books to write.  The problem is that it’s hard to do this with so much uncertainty in the world.

I hope that we’re just being paranoid and things will be fine.  I truly do.  The problem is that I’ve learned a lot while researching for books, including the ones I’m writing now,  which are about survival and history.

I’ve learned that every so often, a power struggle takes place in a country where greed comes into play and the little guy – you and me – gets swept aside or used as a doormat.  It’s a sure thing and one that our Founding Fathers were very aware of at the time they created the Constitution.  Problem is, they couldn’t foresee the future and so it’s left up to the citizens and the media (the Fourth House) to keep our government honest.  After all, the government’s function is to take care of the people.  (“Of the people, by the people, and for the people”)

Anyway, that’s enough about kittens, sleeping, and government.  It’s 6:00 in the morning and I need to get out of bed to greet the day.

If there are any typos, blame the kitten.  While I was typing, she was attacking my fingers.  Coco, the dog in my books, is sleeping next to me and trying to ignore the little hellion.